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5 Layer Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters
5 Layer Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters
5 Layer Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters
5 Layer Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters
5 Layer Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters

5 Layer Activated Carbon Face Mask Filters

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5 Layer Activated Carbon Disposable Filters for use in filter pocket of fabric face masks.

Why use a Carbon pm2.5 Filter with a Cloth Face Mask?

1. Because PM2.5 filters are shown to be effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particulates, even the very smallest nano particles.

The PM2.5 name comes from these filters' original use as protection against Particulate Matter 2.5, the smallest and most dangerous form of air pollution.  Research has shown the material to capture nano particles of a similar size with a high degree of efficiency (approx. 95%), and lab tests show a high-quality PM2.5 filter with a properly-fitted cloth mask can reduce airborne particulates by as much as 90%.

2. Because our PM2.5 filters are made of advanced materials that create both a physical and electrostatic particulate barrier.

Activated Carbon
This material traps particles via a process called adsorption, and also serves as an antibacterial. One layer in every filter.

Spunbond Fabric
Spunbond is a non-woven fabric that filters out larger particles, while providing structure and holding the finer non-woven layers in place. Two layers per filter.

Meltblown Fabric
This advanced material has  electrostatic properties that help it capture microscopic particles as they attempt to pass through. Two layers per filter.

3. Because a mask + PM2.5 filter provides protection with less strain on your heart.

When combined with fabric face masks, PM2.5 filters offer a high degree of protection, with significantly less inhalation resistance than a sealed n95/kn95 respirator. In laboratory testing,  cotton masks + PM2.5 filters restricted inhalation by no more than 71 Pa, or less than 25% the max inhalation resistance of a NIOSH-certified N95 respirator (343 Pa).

4. Because PM2.5 filters offer protection that's practical.

Disposable PM2.5 filters are flat, so they take up less space than standard respirators. They retain effectiveness for years, and you can use them continuously for 16-24 hours, around 1 - 2 weeks of occasional use (or whenever it becomes harder to draw a breath). Replacement filters can be purchased.

Disposable N95-equivalent filters take up less space, can be deployed quickly, and when paired with a fabric face mask will put less strain on your lungs & heart of you, your children, and your parents than a sealed respirator, while still achieving approximately 90% filtration efficiency.

More than just peace of mind.