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Our Story

hello, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Maylin, the founder of blankie.
I have such treasured memories of my childhood blankie (I even still have it ~ shhh it’s our secret), this was why passing down a much loved muslin blankie through my three children was so amazing. Last year December, nine years after my second child was born, my heart eagerly made more room as I welcomed a third jewel into my crown. Wrapping him in the same muslin blankie I used for my older two reignited my passion for muslin fabric & because of muslin’s magic & many uses I just had to have more.
I have always enjoyed creating objects & playing games that stimulate my baby. This time round I felt inspired to focus on visual stimulation through using high-contrast black & white patterns to enhance his vision & brain development. I brought out my sharpies & got my printer going. I felt so inspired & began dreaming & designing all sorts of creations with monochrome patterns when the idea to combine muslin blankies with black & white patterns arose, one of those ah ha moments. You can just imagine my excitement. After getting my hands on a few for myself (I obviously mean for my baby) & falling in love with the designs, I just knew that I had to share them with you as well.
I wanted sensational muslin swaddle blankies for my baby & yours so after much research & contact with numerous suppliers I am confident that ours are.
This is where blankie began it’s journey which I welcome you to join.
Thank you from our family for being here, & we hope you love your blankie as much as we do.