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baby with xoxo blankie

Wrap your baby in the magic of our muslin swaddle blankies to recreate the safe, calm & homely environment first felt in your womb.


why swaddle?

Mothers have swaddled their babies for generations. It’s an easy, proven way to ensure your baby feels safe & warm as they adjust to life outside the womb. A secret to success when your newborn is overstimulated & prevents them waking from restful sleep caused by the startle reflex.

Why muslin?

We believe that muslin is the safest & most effective fabric for your baby.


Compared to other synthetic blanket fabrics, discover the benefits of muslin. Our blankies are breathable, regulate temperature, absorbent, durable, versatile, increasingly soft & of generous size. Proudly eco-friendly, our muslin is 100% Organic & OEKO-TEX® certified so you can be confident that it is gentle on the environment & your babies skin. You can learn more in our product descriptions.


We stock both the classic 100% Cotton Muslin for comforting
breathability, touchable softness, & the ultimate in versatility and the Bamboo Cotton blend sensationally soft muslin which combines the breathability & versatility of muslin with rayon made from bamboo for increased softness.


Why monochrome designs?

We have chosen this design choice not only because they look great but because colors that provide the most contrast are the most appealing to babies. Research has proven that black & white contrasts register powerfully on baby's retina & send the strongest visual signals to the brain.


So, now the only question is which one of our muslin materials is right for you & your baby?

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