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Bamboo Cotton Blend Muslin blankie - Moustaches

Bamboo Cotton Blend Muslin blankie - Moustaches

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'Wrap your baby in the magic of muslin'

Join us, together with generations of mothers, discover the secret of swaddling your baby to recreate the safe, calm & homely environment they first felt in your womb & to promote sleep.

Why do you want your muslin blankie always within arm’s reach? because it has the following qualities & proven benefits;

  • Hypoallergenic & antibacterial - bamboo is becoming more popular because it helps when your baby has sensitive skin, allergies, or eczema
  • Breathable - the lightweight open weave of our muslin allows airflow which avoids overheating compared to other synthetic fabrics
  • Temperature regulation - your baby is unable to regulate their own temperature so with muslin whatever the weather, it will keep your little one warm in winter & cool in summer 
  • Absorbent - bamboo cotton blend, even more than 100% cotton, is amazing as it highly absorbent drawing moisture away from your baby's skin  
  • Durable - able to withstand countless washes
  • Versatile - besides swaddling, uses include a tummy time blanket, stroller & car seat cover, nursing shield, change mat cover, burp cloth, cot sheet, light-weight blanket, bath towel, comforter, even as a scarf or sarong
  • Luxuriously soft - because of the bamboo in our bamboo cotton blend blankies they are softer than our 100% cotton. They become even softer with each wash & use
  • Generous size - compared to other smaller swaddle sizes available, our blankie, at 120cmx120cm, will grow with your baby for many years
  • Monochrome designs - not only stylish but enhances your baby's vision while stimulating their brain

Remember to refer to our care instructions page for how to take care of your blankie

We know that you will love your blankie as much as we do